Fiscal Controls – Pinnacle ensures that every dime is accounted for and maximized

  • Collection of assessments
  • Depositing revenues
  • Detailed records of income and expenditures
  • Budget preparation/implementation on approval of Board of Directors
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Maintaining accounting records in a manner to facilitate an annual audit and preparation of tax returns by an independent CPA

We do not mark-up, we succeed when our client's investment increases!

We do not mark up services or goods in order to generate profit for our company.
We succeed when our clients surpass their management objectives as well as the positive reputation and pride in the properties under our management.
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Vendor Management – Pinnacle will coordinate and manage an associations’ vendors and maintenance requests.

  • Responds to problems in a complete and timely manner
  • Employment of personnel and/or vendors in compliance with the Association’s approved budget
  • Purchasing from the Association’s funds the equipment, supplies and material to be used by the personnel in the performance of their duties
  • Obtaining multiple quotes/proposals for capital expenditures from reserve funds
  • Presenting proposals to the Board for their action; negotiating contracts and coordinating the projects authorized by the Board
  • Paying the Association’s expenses from the Association’s bank account
  • Assisting the Board, at the expense of the Association, in retaining attorneys at law, accountants, and such other experts and professionals whose services may be required by the Association

Cost Management – Pinnacle focuses on maximizing opportunities that ensure long lasting effects

  • Obtaining insurance bids and assisting the Board with the evaluation of those bids and procurement of insurance
  • Attendance and preparation for meetings
  • Recording and distribution of minutes of meetings
  • Newsletters/bulletins to membership
  • Assist with rule enforcement
  • Reserve planning
  • Conferring freely with the Board of Directors
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